Real-Time Supernova 187A … on Twitter

Before and after images of Supernova 1987A


Follow Professor Ben Monreal and students on Twitter to replay the historic February 1987 events showing a supernova, visible to the naked eye, exploding in the sky.

Now known as “Supernova 1987A,” it was the first nearby supernova in the era of modern telescopes, cameras, and instrumentation, launching some of the most exciting and discovery-rich months of modern astronomy.

On February 23, the events will be replayed on Twitter. See more information, including classroom activities, Cleveland connections, and link to CWRU on the website. And follow @RealTime1987A on Twitter to see neutrinos, spectra, telegrams, photos, and other discoveries in “real time.”

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@RealTime1987 is the work of Prof. Ben Monreal, Ama Carney, and Adrian Lee of the Case Western Reserve University Department of Physics. Follow @benmonreal and @PhysicsCWRU.