The physics faculty is devoted to teaching, advising and mentoring undergraduate students. (This page was last updated on October 12, 2020.)


Degree Programs

Descriptions of the various BS, BSE, BA and minor programs offered by the Department of Physics plus some words of advice for our majors.


Course Descriptions

Course descriptions as they should appear in the General Bulletin, with additional comments and access to past syllabi (for users logged in via CWRUnet).


Introductory Physics

Descriptions of the various introductory physics sequences, including policies related to AP Credit, Proficiency Exams and Transfer Credit


Physics Majors & Minors at CWRU

A list of physics majors and minors and contact information – viewable only from computers logged in via CWRUnet or VPN. To see where where our seniors have gone after graduation, go to .


Undergraduate Research And Senior Projects

Information about PHYS 390, Undergraduate Research in Physics, and PHYS 351/353, Senior Research Projects.  This posting includes a list of publications with undergraduate authors


Undergraduate Newsletter

News of interest to CWRU Physics undergraduates, including general announcements, course and program changes, and job opportunities. Viewing this page might require login via CWRUnet or VPN.


Study Abroad

Information for CWRU students (particularly physics majors) interested in studying abroad.


CWRU Physics and Astronomy Club

A club, run entirely by our undergraduate students, whose main purpose is to promote interest in physics and astronomy to all members of the CWRU community.