Black Lives Matter.  The Department of Physics at CWRU joins the call for equality, freedom, and justice for all Black people. These values represent fundamental human rights and present a clear moral imperative for action.  Unjust barriers to the full inclusion of people of color exist at all levels of our society, and we must acknowledge, address, and reverse historical and structural forms of racism.  We condemn the ongoing and pervasive police brutality and violence against Black people, including the murders of Black Americans like Tamir Rice, George Floyd and many others.  We stand with those who call for significant change and reform.  As a department we commit to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all, to increasing the number of African-Americans, under-represented minorities  and women among our students, faculty and researchers and in STEM fields in general, and to bringing an ever-more diverse and representative set of people into all aspects of our departmental life.  We commit to evaluating our work by its results not by our efforts to achieve them.

Current concrete department-based efforts:
1. APS Bridge Program Partnership Institution (2018-) 
2. APS-IDEA Network inaugural member (2020-)
3. Women in Physics and Astronomy Club (2018-) 

The Department commits to developing, adopting and launching a new strategic plan for diversity, led by its APS-IDEA team, before the end of 2020.

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Meet The Theory Girl scientists studying high energy theoretical physics and taking their “Physics is for everyone!” message worldwide.

Bringing Physics to the Feminist Frontier

By Lydia Mandell, CWRU (B.A. – English | 2023) Physics Content for All A person’s background in physics should not be a limiting factor in their ability to access and enjoy content in the field. This belief is at the heart of The Theory Girls’ website, which features media all about...

Professor Singer won the Faculty Distinguished Research Award this past Spring for his work in optics and soft materials. This research has fueled the development of Folio Photonics.

The Cloud Has a Climate Problem. Professor Ken Singer Has a Solution.

By Jackson Rudoff, CWRU (B.A. - Political Science and Cognitive Science | 2021) The cloud is anything but soft and fluffy. It’s this horrible, energy-gobbling thing. This was how CWRU Physics Professor Kenneth Singer portrayed the reality of modern data storage centers. According to his start-up, Folio Photonics, the total amount...

Department of Physics Develops New Remote Laboratory Experiences

The Department of Physics was featured in The Daily for its work to creatively transform its in-person laboratory experiences to remote operations --- with compelling results. See full article here. EXCERPT:  The Case Western Reserve University community is known for innovative research that leads to transformative solutions with positive impacts...

A New Lens on the World

Case Western Reserve scientists, collaborators at Harvard and Italian university Unical, aim to ‘revolutionize optics’ by combining nanostructured metasurfaces with liquid crystal technology Case Western Reserve University Professor Giuseppe Strangi was featured in a story by The Daily and in periodicals around the world highlighting the latest news from his...

Physics Team Shares in Rapid Response COVID-19 Research Opportunity Award

Congratulations to Dr. Robert Brown (Co-PI), Dept. of Physics, Dr. Susann Brady-Kalnay (Co-PI) Dept. of Molecular Biology and Microbiology, School of Medicine; Dr. Bob Deissler, Dr. Brian Grimberg and colleagues for being named one of 18 CWRU and affiliated health care system research teams sharing more than $500,000 in...

Making Quantum Acoustic “Earthquake” Waves to Communicate

Michelson Postdoctoral Prize Winner Audrey Bienfait Delivers Lectures on “Quantum Sound” By Lydia Mandell, CWRU (B.A. - English | 2023) We are all familiar with communicating information with acoustic waves, better known as “sound.”  Now, sound has been brought into the quantum realm, where individual quanta of sound can be used...