Physics Team Shares in Rapid Response COVID-19 Research Opportunity Award

Congratulations to Dr. Robert Brown (Co-PI), Dept. of Physics, Dr. Susann Brady-Kalnay (Co-PI) Dept. of Molecular Biology and Microbiology, School of Medicine; Dr. Bob Deissler, Dr. Brian Grimberg and colleagues for being named one of 18 CWRU and affiliated health care system research teams sharing more than $500,000 in pilot grants to study COVID-19. 

The team’s “Detection and capture of SRS-CoV-W virus and antibodies using CAPTIV” proposal outlines using a novel device (CAPTIV) to detect and capture both the infecting SARS-CoV-2 virus particles and separately the anti-viral human antibodies.

The goal is to provide not only diagnosis of active infection, but to also collect antibodies important for demonstrating recovery from the infection using rapid, low-cost, highly sensitive measurements. The approach utilizes the attachment of magnetic particles to the viral material or antibodies present in biological fluids.

“We are grateful to the NORD Family Foundation for the award and the COVID-19 Task Force for launching the rapid response opportunity,” said Dr. Brown. “The collaboration is quite compelling.” He also added special thanks to Dr. Deissler for heading the laboratory efforts on the CAPTV project, Dr. Grimberg for his continuing important contributions, and Dr. Brady-Kalnay for her overall leadership.

For details on the winning proposals and the overall initiative, see The Daily, July 29, 2020, 18 research teams receive over $500,000 in pilot grants to study COVID-19.