1. Taxi: Tell the driver to take you to Glidden House in University Circle at CWRU one block north of the intersection of Euclid and Mayfield Aves. 2. Rapid Transit (for those arriving before 7-8 p.m. with minimal luggage): Take RTA rapid from within the airport terminal ($2.00; no change made), exiting at the “University Circle” stop (about 40 min.). There is a binary choice of exit doors, but choose the one that lies in the direction the train was traveling. If it is before 6:00 p.m. you can take a free shuttle bus outside the station right to Glidden house. 3. On Foot: It is about a 15 minute walk to the hotel from the station. Proceed left when you leave the station. Walk up the sidewalk about 100 ft., parallel to the rail tracks, to a bridge over the tracks. Turn left and walk over the ‘bridge’; you will be heading towards a large parking garage and are on the CWRU campus. At the garage you will meet Adelbert Rd. Follow Adelbert until it ends, at Severance Hall (Euclid Avenue). Cross Euclid and turn left. After about 50 ft., just past Severance Hall, you will see a road on your right (East Blvd.) which winds along beside a lagoon. Walk along this road about 1/3 of a mile. You will pass the Cleveland Art Museum on your left. Shortly past that, immediately after passing the CWRU Law School on your right, you will see Juniper Rd. Turn right, and the Glidden House will be about 75 feet in front of you at the intersection of Juniper and Ford Drive. If you are going directly to the physics dept from the RTA subway, follow the above directions until you pass the parking garage. At this point you will be about 50 yards from the Rockefeller Physics building. Continue straight down Adelbert Rd. until you come to the Kent Hale Smith bldg., easily spotted because of its modern construction and turquoise color. Turn left towards this bldg. and go directly behind it. Turn right. A few more steps leaves you at the back door of Rockefeller. 4. Car: Take I-71 North to I-90 East. Exit I-90 at Martin Luther King Drive and continue along the single-lane, windy drive about 2 miles until you get to E. 105th St., the first major intersection, and traffic light, that you encounter. Go through the light and you will immediately encounter a traffic circle. MLK crosses E. 105th St. in a complicated way, essentially by turning east (left). As soon as E.105th is crossed, keep to RIGHT of the ISLAND and turn sharp RIGHT into a narrow park drive. This is East Blvd., but is only marked “To Euclid Ave.” Travel on East Blvd. about 1/3 mile, past one traffic light, past the Museum of Natural History and the Western Reserve Historical Society Museum, and you will get to a fork in the road with Ford Drive on your left. Take Ford Drive and the Glidden House will be about 75 feet straight ahead on your left.   also see from the Glidden House Website: Location