Kathleen Kash

M. Roger Clapp University Professor


Rockefeller Building 225E

Other Information

Degree: B.A., Middlebury College (1975)
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1982)


Experimental Condensed Matter Physics


The binary nitride semiconductors (gallium nitride, aluminum nitride and indium nitride) have brought about a revolution in lighting technology. We have light emitting diodes that fit into incandescent light sockets and, though currently they cost more than incandescent bulbs, last twenty times as long and use roughly one-tenth the amount of power for the same amount of light produced. The binary nitrides are much more robust than is silicon, so they are also taking over much of the power electronics market, which is even larger than the lighting market.

Our research focuses on experimental and theoretical studies of one class of complex nitride semiconductors that are related to the binary nitrides—the so-called “heterovalent ternary nitrides”. Two of the many examples are zinc germanium nitride and magnesium tin nitride. The lattices of these crystalline materials are related to that of the binary nitrides. The atoms are arranged similarly, but the lattices are more complex. We seek to explore new physical phenomena that emerge from this greater complexity, and to incorporate these materials into new devices that take advantage of their unique properties.

In addition, much of our research concentrates on developing new growth methods for these materials. Since many of these are composed entirely of abundant, nontoxic and inexpensive materials, unlike, for example, gallium and indium, one additional motivation for our research is to seek ways to replace materials toxic and expensive elements with these.


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