Giuseppe Strangi

Professor and Ohio Research Scholar in Surfaces of Advanced Materials

Rockefeller Building 206

Other Information

Degree: Laurea: University of Calabria, Italy (1996)
Ph.D: University of Calabria, Italy (2000)

The Strangi Research Group


Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Nanophotonics, Metamaterials, Plasmonics and Metasurfaces


Our research focuses on nanophotonic systems and metamaterials at the intersection of classical and quantum realms. We aim to drive progress in the design and application of metamaterials and advanced optical materials by employing cutting-edge techniques and creating novel applications. The emerging field of functional nanoscale materials has led to a growing interest in the physics of hybrid nanostructures to understand and exploit interactions arising by confinement, topology and dimensionality.

We investigate the physics of waves and fields in nanostructured metamaterials, artificial composite materials whose electromagnetic properties are induced by organizing atoms and molecules at deeply sub-wavelength scales.

Currently, we are exploring several fascinating topics, such as:

  • Cutting-edge photonic metamaterials are leveraged to design sensing platforms with enhanced sensitivity, portability and ease-of-use, for biological and chemical applications.
  • Nanotechnologies at the Interface of Physics and Medicine. Novel photonic materials are applied and tested to inform next-generation medical treatments, including cancer therapies.
  • Innovative techniques, including machine learning and physics assisted AI are employed to design and fabricate optical materials with properties beyond those found in nature.
  • Indefinite dispersion metamaterials that support virtually infinite photonic density of states (Control of QE spontaneous emission; perfect absorption, subwavelength imaging, etc.,)
  • Plasmon-exciton interplay and ultrafast dynamics in hybrid nanostructures (Purcell effect, Cavity QED, hot-electrons)
  • Emission, transport and coherence features in amplifying random laser systems (photon statistics, spatial and temporal coherence, spatial distribution of the emission intensity, confinement geometries);
  • Electromagnetic properties of tunable photonic metasurfaces.

These topics allow us to realize a cutting edge research program in the areas of Condensed Matter Physics, Nanoscience and Nanophotonics.


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