Carlos Cardona

Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics

Rockefeller Building 222A

Other Information

Degree: PhD in Physics

Education: University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Research: Conformal Field Theories and more broadly defined Quantum Field Theories

       Carlos Cardona, Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics

Interest:  I am a theoretical physicist mainly interested in Conformal Field Theories and more broadly defined Quantum Field Theories.

The seemingly ubiquitous nature of conformal symmetry, had led me to work on a wide range of physical phenomena, including Quantum Gravity, Gauge-Gravity Holography, Scattering Amplitudes and Critical Phenomena, as well as to develop a useful toolbox of mathematical and computational methods.

A current area of interest, called the Conformal Bootstrap, is concerned with finding the landscape of allowed Conformal Field theories by imposing universal physical constrains, which are then solved either analytically or numerically. Such understanding touch on several important modern physical problems, ranging from low energy phenomena as three-dimensional Ising model to high energy physics as quantum gravity.

Another area where I have been lucky to contribute, is the development of mathematical methods for the computation of scattering amplitudes in Quantum Field Theories. In particular, the massless sector of such theories, exhibit some beautiful yet hidden symmetries that might have actual physical consequences beyond the practical simplifications gained from such symmetries.

Lately, I have been interested in one of the few untested consequences of Einstein theory of gravity, namely gravitational memory, both from the theoretical as well phenomenological perspective.

Publications: My papers can be found at INSPIRE-HEP