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Zach Weiner (University of Illinois)

Date: Tue. October 27th, 2020, 11:30 am-12:30 pm

Seeing the dark: gravitational relics of dark photon production

Axion-like particles are a recurrent feature of models of early Universe phenomena, spanning inflation, dark matter, and solutions to the Hubble tension. The nonperturbative decay of axions into beyond the Standard Model photons is a generic feature of these models. I will present the complex nonperturbative and nonlinear dynamics of axion–gauge-field couplings, studied via numerical simulation. These scenarios result in a significant stochastic background of gravitational waves, which provides various means to rule out and constrain models. In the two examples I will present, the (over)production of GHz gravitational waves at preheating imposes the tightest constraints on the inflaton’s axial coupling to gauge fields, while early dark energy realized via axion–dark-photon systems are ruled out by CMB constraints at $10^{-16}$ Hz.

Zoom meeting ID:  999 3023 4812
For the password to access the meeting please contact one of us:
Kurt Hinterbichler: kjh92
Alexis Plascencia: adp110
Ellen Rabe: exr223
Idit Zehavi: ixz6

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