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Wei Zhang (Univ. North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Date: Mon. December 4th, 2023, 12:45 pm-1:45 pm
Location: Rock 221 (Foldy room) & Zoom

Engineering tailored magnon modes for hybrid magnonics

Wei Zhang, Physics and Astronomy, UNC Chapel Hill

Abstract: Despite being a later entrant, the collective spin excitations (magnons) have recently received
increased attention in novel construction of hybrid systems exhibiting coherent phenomena. To
date, investigation of hybrid magnonic effects has been largely centered on the ferromagnetic
resonance and long wavelength modes. It remains challenging to incorporate short-wavelength
(deep mesoscale) modes for magnon hybridization, in which many fundamental questions, such
as the wavenumber-dependent coherent phenomena, remain unanswered. However, by exploiting
magnon-magnon coupled systems, whose versatile spin-spin interaction and tunable mode
dispersion can be well leveraged to provide a unique route towards generation and tailoring on-
demand magnon modes. I will discuss several magnetic heterostructures in the context of strong
and Purcell magnon-magnon coupling regimes, which enable a variety of coherent coupling
phenomena, such as the magnonic-induced transparency, magnon Purcell effect, and nonlinear
magnonic couplings. The versatility of magnon-magnon coupling in such heterostructures allows
to prepare tailored magnon modes that may have the potential to be further exploited for
hybridization with other fundamental excitations, including but not limited to optical photon,
phonon, or qubits.

Host: Shulei Zhang

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