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Thibault Sohier (CNRS, Montepellier)

Date: Tue. November 30th, 2021, 11:30 am-12:30 pm
Location: Foldy Room, Rockefeller 221 and via Zoom

Michelson Postdoc Prize Lecture 2

Graphene case study: why is it so good, and can it be even better?

Graphene is the first and most famous 2D material. Many of the prospects and challenges of the 2D realm were first raised by studying this material. It is exceptional on many levels, including its ability to conduct electrons with very little resistance from the phonons. In a journey towards modelling and engineering phonon-limited transport in 2D materials, it is a natural starting point.
This first lecture will be an in-depth study of transport in graphene. I will discuss different types of electron-phonon interactions (deformation potential, gauge field, gate-induced coupling to flexural phonons), and how they are affected by electronic screening. After identifying what makes graphene exceptionally good at conducting electrons, I will discuss recent experimental indications that it can be made even better via phonon engineering. This case study will also be an opportunity to raise the challenges involved in developing accurate first-principles techniques to simulate gated 2D materials.

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