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Susan Fullerton, University of Pittsburgh, Using Ions to Control Transport in 2D Materials

Date: Mon. April 2nd, 2018, 12:45 pm-1:45 pm
Location: Rockefeller 221 (Les Foldy Room)

Using Ions to Control Transport in 2D Materials

Susan Fullerton, University of Pittsburgh


Electrostatic gating of two-dimensional (2D) materials with ions is an effective method to achieve high carrier density (10^13 – 10^14 cm^-2) and excellent gate control by creating an electric double layer (EDL) with large capacitance density (>2 μF/cm^2). I will review our use of EDL gating to investigate transport properties of 2D materials including MoTe2, MoS2 and WSe2, and introduce new device concepts that employ EDL gating as an active device component. These include a monolayer electrolyte for application in flash memory, single-ion conductors to induce steep switching via the 2H to 1T semiconductor to metal transition, and ion conductors with customized molecular architecture for tamper resistant electronics.

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