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Sean Bryan (Arizona State University)

Date: Tue. October 18th, 2016, 11:00 am-12:00 pm
Location: Miller room

Cosmology with Millimeter Wave LEKIDs: CMB, Spectroscopy, and Imaging with TolTEC

Millimeter-wave cameras offer a unique window on the history and dynamics of the universe. Observations of CMB polarization are setting new constraints on cosmic inflation and gravitational lensing. Imaging and spectroscopy in millimeter waves measures individual galaxies through their bolometric flux as well as C+/CO line strengths. In this talk, I will discuss aluminum LEKID detectors that can be used for all of these applications. The feed structures are directly machined in metal, and the detectors are made with a single-layer process. Lab measurements show that the 150 GHz dual-polarization detectors have photon-noise limited sensitivity, and modeling indicates they will have good cross-polarization and optical crosstalk. I will also present the WSPEC spectrometer array concept. The waveguide filter bank is machined in metal, and will be coupled to aluminum LEKIDs. Test results from 90 and 180 GHz prototype devices show high optical efficiency, and a good match between measurements and modeling. Finally, I will discuss the upcoming TolTEC camera for the 50 meter LMT telescope.

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