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Ozenc Gungor (CWRU)

Date: Tue. March 2nd, 2021, 11:30 am-12:30 pm

A Classical, Non-Singular Bounce

Bouncing cosmological models offer a viable alternative to Big-Bang cosmology and have gained recent attention. In a bouncing cosmology, the universe is initially contracting towards a minimum size before expanding. Such cosmological models are geodesically complete by construction and offer simple solutions to problems such as the Horizon problem. I will present a model that realizes such a cosmology and discuss its analytical and numerical properties. I will also discuss ongoing work on the stability of cosmological perturbations and possible future directions.

Host: Glenn Starkman

Zoom meeting ID:  999 3023 4812
For the password to access the meeting please contact one of us:
Kurt Hinterbichler: kjh92
Kara Farnsworth: kmf137
Ellen Rabe: exr223
Idit Zehavi: ixz6

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