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Josh Klein (U Penn)

Date: Tue. November 14th, 2023, 11:30 am-12:30 pm
Location: Rock 221 Foldy Room

Hybrid Neutrino Detection and Spectral Photon Sorting with Dichroicons
Hybrid Cherenkov/scintillation neutrino detectors represent the next generation of the remarkably successful photon-based neutrino detection program. These detectors have a broad physics program, from long-baseline neutrino oscillations, to solar and supernova neutrinos, and even neutrinoless double beta decay with sensitivities beyond the next-generation “tonne-scale.” There are many ways to discriminate between “chertons” and “scintons” in a big detector, including fast timing, slow scintillators, or by reducing the fraction of scintillation light.  I will discuss the development of a new approach, which sorts photons by wavelength, to provide pure samples of Cherenkov photons while retaining the vast majority of the scintillation light.  The sorting is accomplished by using a Winston-style light concentrator built out of dichroic mirrors, which we call a `dichroicon.’  I’ll present benchtop results of the dichroicon along with simulations of a full detector, as well as ongoing large-scale demonstrators.  I’ll end talking about some of the challenges and various paths forward.
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