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Hooman Davoudiasl (Brookhaven)

Date: Tue. September 8th, 2020, 11:30 am-12:30 pm

Ultralight Fermionic Dark Matter

Tremaine and Gunn argued long ago that fermionic dark matter lighter than a few hundred eV is not feasible, based on the Pauli exclusion principle. We highlight a simple way of evading this conclusion which can lead to various interesting consequences. In this scenario, a large number of fermionic species with quasi-degenerate masses and no couplings, other than gravitational, to the standard model are assumed. Nonetheless, we find that gravitational interactions can lead to constraints on the relevant parameter space, based on high energy data from the LHC and cosmic ray experiments, as well as astrophysical observations of supernovae and black holes. There are also bounds on the number of species derived from theoretical considerations that we briefly discuss.

Zoom meeting ID:  999 3023 4812
For the password to access the meeting please contact one of us:
Kurt Hinterbichler: kjh92
Alexis Plascencia: adp110
Ellen Rabe: exr223
Idit Zehavi: ixz6

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