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Decades of Achievement

Date: Thu. October 20th, 2022, 4:00 pm-5:00 pm
Location: Rockefeller 301

Decades of Achievement 

A tribute to eight (plus!) of our physics colleagues having birthdays ending in a zero

This tribute arises not just because of the improbability of so many with the same decadian birthday, but also to more generally celebrate our physics community. This year, one physics faculty member has a 40th birthday, two have their 60th birthday (an historically special physics birthday), three have their 70th, two their 90th, and a couple of others. We highlight their achievements in this mini-symposium with mini-talks, in which each of our decadians will be given an all too short encomium tribute. The honorees are, in alphabetical order, and alongside their honorer:

Gary S. Chottiner            Daniel Scherson

Corbin E. Covault           John Ruhl

Arnold J. Dahm              David Farrell

Kenneth L. Kowalski      Cyrus Taylor

Charles Rosenblatt         Philip Taylor

Anuj Saini                        Lydia Kisley

Kenneth D. Singer          Michael Hinczewski

Glenn D. Starkman        Tom Giblin (Kenyon)

For another decadian or two – an honorer is Harsh Mathur

A reception will follow, outside 301, with beverages, fruit and cheese, and of course – birthday cake!


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