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Special Event: Andrew Preston (

Date: Mon. November 7th, 2022, 12:45 pm-1:45 pm
Location: Zoom ONLY

Entrepreneurship: leaving academia in order to improve academia
Have you ever wondered why peer review is the way it is?
Andrew completed a PhD in experimental condensed matter physics and a postdoc in soft x-ray spectroscopy before asking that same question and leaving academia to start with a mission to improve the peer review system. Publons became a platform that hundreds of thousands of researchers used to keep track of and get credit for peer review activities. It was later purchased by Clarivate (the home of Web of Science). His latest endeavor is, a platform that simplifies the process of scheduling and running academic seminars and then publishes the talks with a DOI.
Andrew will talk about the ideas behind Publons and Cassyni, his thoughts on the peer review system and some of the things he’s learned in his journey from physicist to entrepreneur in a short talk. He will then be available for informal chat with the students or whomever is interested.  
Short bio: Andrew is one of the co-founders of Cassyni, the tool that helps researchers to discover, run, publish, and cite academic seminars. Previously, he was an active researcher in physics, first as a PhD student at Victoria University of Wellington, then as postdoctoral fellow at Boston University. Andrew went on to found Publons, which was acquired by Clarivate in 2017 and now serves more than 2 million researchers. At Clarivate, Andrew was also product director for Web of Science.


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