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Bhupal Dev (Washington University)

Date: Tue. March 5th, 2019, 11:30 am-12:30 pm
Location: Foldy Room

New Physics at Neutrino Telescopes

Abstract: The recent observation of high-energy neutrinos at the IceCube neutrino telescope has opened a new era in neutrino astrophysics.  Understanding all aspects of these events is very important for both Astrophysics and Particle Physics ramifications.  In this talk, I will discuss a few possible new physics scenarios, such as dark matter, leptoquarks and supersymmetry, that could be probed using the IceCube data.  I will also relate this to the puzzling observation of two upgoing EeV events recently made by the ANITA experiment, which were not seen by IceCube.

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