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Azadeh Maleknejad (CERN)

Date: Tue. October 12th, 2021, 11:30 am-12:30 pm
Location: Zoom seminar

Is Our Universe the Remnant of Chiral Anomaly in Axion Inflation?

Modern cosmology has been remarkably successful in describing the universe from a second after the Big Bang until today. However, its physics before that time is still much less certain. It profoundly involves particle theory beyond the Standard Model to explain long-standing puzzles: the origin of the observed matter asymmetry, and massive neutrinos, as well as the particle physics of dark matter and cosmic inflation. In this talk, I will explain that a new framework based on embedding axion-inflation in left-right symmetric gauge extensions of the SM can possibly solve and relate these seemingly unrelated mysteries of modern cosmology. The baryon asymmetry and dark matter today may be remnants of a pure quantum effect (chiral anomaly) in inflation which is the source of CP violation in inflation. As a smoking gun, this setup has robust observable signatures for the GW background to be probed by future CMB missions and laser interferometer detectors.


Host: Kara Farnsworth

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