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Andrius Tamosiunas (CWRU)

Date: Tue. November 8th, 2022, 11:30 am-12:30 pm
Location: Foldy room, Rockefeller building 221

Numerical Studies of Screening Mechanisms in Modified Gravity
In this talk I will present my previous work on screened modified gravity models. Despite the major success of the standard model of cosmology, many questions remain to be answered. In particular, understanding the nature of dark matter and dark energy has been extremely challenging. One possible reason for this is that our understanding of gravity is flawed or incomplete. In this context scalar-tensor theories of gravity have been introduced with hopes of gaining insight into the physics of dark energy and possibly dark matter. The subset of such theories that allow screening (i.e. turning off the modified gravity effects in certain environments) has been particularly promising. In this talk I will present a numerical code SELCIE that uses the finite element method to solve the non-linear equations of motion that appear in many screened scalar-tensor theories. I will also explore how our code can be applied to model the fifth force effects in galaxy clusters and cosmic voids. Finally, I will discuss how our code in combination with machine learning techniques can be used to optimize atom interferometry experiments for detecting modified gravity. 
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