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Adi Nusser (Technion)

Date: Tue. January 14th, 2020, 11:30 am-12:30 pm

New and old probes of the structure of the evolved Universe

The observed large scale distribution of galaxies and their peculiar motions (on top of the pure Hubble flow) are very well described in the framework of the standard Lambda Cold Dark Matter model. The model is founded on general relativity (GR) which in itself has recently gained substantial support by the detection of gravitational waves. Despite this success, observational data on large scales allow for deviations from the GR and the standard model. Any tiny deviation may have profound implications on fundamental physical theory of the Universe. The talk will review probes of cosmological models, focusing on motions of galaxies. It will then motivate the need for tweaks of the standard model and how they can be probed using the dynamics of galactic satellites.

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