Andrew Tolley

Associate Professor

Andrew J. Tolley


Early Universe Cosmology, Dark Energy, Modified Gravity, Strings, Extra Dimensions, Branes


I am an Associate Professor in the Particle/Astrophysics Group at Case Western Reserve University. I am a theoretical cosmologist with interests in a wide range of topics, including: Developing models of the Early Universe, Inflation, Non-Gaussianities and Initial Conditions, Braneworlds and extra dimensions. More recently my research has focused on explanations of the late time acceleration of the Universe, through developing models of Dark Energy, and Modified Gravity, and addressing some of the challenges posed by the Cosmological Constant Problem.

Some highlights are:

I previously held the position of Distinguished Research Fellow in the Cosmology group of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. Before that, I was a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Physics Department of Princeton University. I received my PhD in Cosmology from the University of Cambridge, DAMTPGonville & Caius College in 2003. I graduated fromJesus CollegeOxford University in 1999.



“Galileon inflation”, C. Burrage, C. de Rham, D. Seery, Andrew J. Tolley, JCAP 01 (2011) 014 (2010), [arXiv:1009.2497 [hep-th]].

“DBI and the Galileon reunited”, C. de Rham, Andrew J. Tolley, JCAP 1005, 015 (2010), [arXiv:1003.5917 [hep-th]].

“The Gelaton Scenario: Equilateral non-Gaussianity from multi-field dynamics”, Andrew J. Tolley, M. Wyman, Phys. Rev. D81, 043502 (2010), [arXiv:0910.1853 [hep-th]].

“Bulk singularities and the effective cosmological constant for higher co-dimension branes”, Andrew J. Tolley, C. P. Burgess, D. Hoover et al., JHEP 0603, 091 (2006), [hep-th/0512218].

“Cascading Gravity and Degravitation”, C. de Rham, S. Hofmann, J. Khoury, Andrew J. Tolley JCAP 0802, 011 (2008), [arXiv:0712.2821 [hep-th]].

“Enhanced Non-Gaussianity from Excited Initial States”, R. Holman, Andrew J. Tolley, JCAP 0805, 001 (2008), [arXiv:0710.1302 [hep-th]].

“Cosmological perturbations in a big crunch/big bang space-time”, Andrew J. Tolley, N. Turok, P. J. Steinhardt, Phys. Rev. D69, 106005 (2004), [hep-th/0306109].

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Rockefeller Building 208


Jesus College, Oxford University (1999)
Ph.D., University of Cambridge (2003)