Kenneth L. Kowalski

Emeritus Professor of Physics


The time since I first joined the Physics Department of Case Institute of Technology in 1962 until my retirement from CWRU in the summer of 2015 can be succinctly summarized by two documents Courses: 1963-2015 and Publications and Reports: 1955-2015. My hope is that both are complete within their respective time periods, but I doubt that they are since enumerations like these tend to increase monotonically with time. Generally, I aimed for inclusivity, rather than listing a few selected representative items in each category so as not to exclude, however implicitly, the acknowledgement of any collaborator in my educational or research experiences or to rank order them. They were all important.

I have provided links to number of items that were referred to in the original posting, but are very difficult to access any other way. Additions and modifications are noted.

Leuven 1968-69: I have corrected a few typos in the original 2012 article, but I have also added on a newly composed Addendum that incorporates the comments on the original article that I received from some of the people that were cited. A most significant omission in 2012, which we have now corrected, was the identity of Professor Odon Godart.

Proc.ICHEP.XXII 1984: This invited talk was given at Karl Marx University in the former DDR. The proceedings are very difficult to come by and this pdf of the talk and the part of the program in which it was listed was recovered for me by the librarians at Fermilab.

18th Eastern Theoretical Physics Conference 1979: This series of conferences sited on the East Coast is no longer extant. The poster, which I uncovered only recently, captures some of the cast of characters in business at the time.

TriState Nuclear Theory Talk 1980: Around 1980 there was a surge of activity in nuclear reaction theory centered about Indiana University, Ohio State University, Ohio University, Kent State, CWRU, and even the far eastern Midwest, the University of Maryland and Brooklyn College, that led to this meeting. This series of conferences ended after the first one. No proceedings were published, since the organizers did not ask for papers. In the pre-arXiv spirit of the times, a copy of my invited talk was distributed widely to the theory group’s “preprint” list and had some impact for a while. Indeed, it inspired one individual, whom I cited, to spend his sabbatical year here do pursue research in pion-nucleus theory.

Program for the Symposium Modern Physics in America 1987:
Although the formal proceedings for this symposium have been published [link to Publications], in my opinion the program booklet gives a much better sense of the spirit of the occasion, but is not straightforward to come by. Among the speakers and the Advisory Committee, six more than those originally cited have since been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. This document should be on the Department’s website, but in my perception it is not.

CERN Courier Review on Thermal Field Theory Workshop 1988;
This article can be recovered from the Courier archives, but who will look? It merits highlighting in several respects. It is a rare Courier item for a small meeting, particularly an American one. Instead of the canonical group photo of the participants, where individual identities tend to be washed out, the Courier editors chose from the photos of the meeting that they were presented, a 3-person organizing committee shot with CWRU’s Strosacker Hall, where the regular meetings were held, as backdrop. The Hall is also a venue for weekend movies shown by the Film Society and a poster for an upcoming one with a title that could serve as a directive to the organizers is in background.