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Shruti Paranjape (University of Michigan)

Date: Tue. February 25th, 2020, 11:30 am-12:30 pm

Born-Infeld Theory Beyond the Leading Order

The modern approach to scattering amplitudes exploits the symmetries of effective field theories. In this talk, I will focus on Born-Infeld, a theory of non-linear electrodynamics that has a myriad of interesting properties: It can be obtained as the “double copy” of Yang-Mills and chiral perturbation theory and it is the supersymmetric truncation of low-energy brane dynamics. Born-Infeld theory also has a classical electromagnetic duality symmetry. I will discuss how one can use these nice properties to uniquely fix all tree-level amplitudes in the theory. At subleading order, I will address one-loop amplitudes and admissible higher derivative corrections to the Born-Infeld effective field theory. Finally, I will comment on the preservation of electromagnetic duality symmetry in Born-Infeld beyond the leading order.

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