Giuseppe Strangi

Professor and Ohio Research Scholar in Surfaces of Advanced Materials


Strangi Research Group


Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Plasmonics and Optical Metamaterials, Nano-Photonics and Ultrafast Spectroscopy


Our research primarily focuses on optical and plasmonic properties of nanostructured soft materials and photonic metamaterials. The inclination toward miniaturization in the emerging generation of nanoscale materials has led to a growing interest in the physics of hybrid hetero-structures to understand and exploit interactions arising by confinement and dimensionality effects. In recent years significant strides have been made in the understanding and application of complex metallo- dielectric materials for which the optical parameters are manipulated on length scales of the order of light wavelengths.

My earlier research involved the study of the laser action in gain assisted soft composites: from random to periodic structures. Electro- hydrodynamic instabilities and turbulence in liquid crystals have represented an unparalleled scientific arena to discover the amazing physics behind the chaotic lasing.

More recently, we are focused on opto-plasmonic metamaterials, artificial composite materials whose electromagnetic properties are induced by an appropriate structuring of the medium at scales much smaller than the operational wavelength. For visible light, thiseffective medium requirement implies typical sizes of the artificial structures around a few tens of nanometers or less. Metal based metamaterials suffer from a rather strong radiation damping, at optical frequencies. which can become obstructive for most optical and photonic applications Our main goal is to address and solve the fundamental problem of optical losses in engineered nanostructures, by bringing gain right at the hearth of each single meta-atom to promote resonant non- radiative energy transfer processes.

Currently, we are exploring several fascinating topics, such as:

  • Properties of lasing in nano-patterned systems (i.e., Hybrid hetero-structures);
  • Emission, transport and coherence features in amplifying random laser systems (photon statistics, spatial and temporal coherence, spatial distribution of the emission intensity, confinement geometries);
  • Opto-plasmonic properties of metal based nanostructures;
  • Electromagnetic properties of intrinsically active and tunable photonic metamaterials.

These topics allow us to realize a cutting edge research program in the areas of soft-condensed matter, nano-science, spectroscopy, nonlinear optics and photonics.


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Rockefeller Building 206


Laurea: University of Calabria, Italy (1996)
Ph.D: University of Calabria, Italy (2000)