Turn RIGHT out of Notre’s oval driveway. Turn RIGHT at the next available right, which will come up quite soon after departing Notre Maison. Go through 2 stop signs, crossing W. St. James, and proceed down Grandview Ave. You will intersect with CEDAR Rd. at the traffic light. Prepare to make a wide turn LEFT onto Cedar Rd., then immediately get in the RIGHT-most lane. Head down Cedar, in the RIGHT-most lane, then wind down a steep hill (do NOT bear to the right). At the first available right – turn RIGHT, onto Murray Hill Rd. Shortly ahead there will be a fork in the road; stay LEFT. Go over a ‘bridge’, and turn LEFT just past the stop sign. A second LEFT will land you in the parking garage. The first floor is for visitors. From parking garage: Upon exiting, head north along the walkways leading towards or bordering the fenced Veale Center athletic field to your left. Will come to a small circle of red pavers, cross it, and head straight between the backs of the buildings on both sides. On your right will be the turquoise and glass Kent Hayle Smith bldg. A few more steps brings you, on the left, to the back entrance of the Rockefeller Physics Bldg. Elevator inside, on the left..stairs to the right. Come up to the second floor. Turn right, and into our theory area, rooms 201-218. Welcome!